About Colgate

Colgate Elementary is a Title I school located in the southeast area of Baltimore County, Maryland. We currently serve the Colgate and Eastwood communities.

At Colgate Elementary we believe in the potential of each and every child that walks through our doors.

We believe that it is our privilege and our responsibility to work with the families of Colgate to ensure that students are challenged and supported.

We believe that our students can do their best and achieve success!


Our Mission

We will model and teach the values and skills our students need to be successful, lifelong learners in a safe and secure environment in order to make positive contributions to society. At Colgate we collaboratively facilitate a supportive environment that prepares students with the tools that they need to be successful learners and to be competitive citizens in school, the community, and life.

Our Vision

Our school will become a welcoming learning environment with appropriate resources and facilities so that we can be proactive advocates for our students, school, and community. Students, staff, and families of Colgate will be treated with dignity and value as we work together to support and develop productive citizens in a safe, positive learner-centered environment.


Colgate Comet Pledge

I will take care of myself. I will take care of others. I will take care of this place.

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