The PTA at Colgate

Our Purpose: To promote the welfare of our children in home, school, and community. We strive to nurture a relationship between the home and the school, so that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the education of our children.

Our Mission: To support and speak on behalf of our children in the school, in the community, and before governmental bodies and other organizations that make decisions affecting children; To encourage parent/guardian involvement in their child's education.

Our Vision: We are a group of caring parents/guardians joined together to support and reward our children for their continued excellence in academics and behavior. We believe family involvement is the key to our students' success in academics, behavior, and their self-confidence.

Colgate Students need YOU!

We can't have a PTA without parent volunteers. Meetings are held once a month and make important decisions about fundraising, events, and activities in our school. If you are interested in helping out or want more information please contact the PTA today!

Please join us at our next meeting PTA Meeting!


Vice President: 


Joining Colgate PTA means...

1. You are supporting our students and our school!

·         A voice for our students, funding for activities such as ice cream socials, bingo nights, movie nights, field day, student recognition, teacher appreciation, and many more fun events.

2. As a member, you are a voice, even if you can't be at all of the meetings!

·         When we advocate for our kids, it is for ALL kids at Colgate, including yours! If you have an opinion, please share it with us to be included in our comments if you cannot attend! We represent ALL our members!

3. You are showing your kids that their school and what happens there is important to you!

·         If you value your child's education and make it a priority, so will they!

4. Joining the PTA does not mean you have to come to every meeting and volunteer at every event.

·         We encourage you to come to meetings to see what’s happening and to give your input and ideas. The more volunteers we have the more fun activities we can do for our kids. There is a place for everyone who wants to be involved. 

Show your Colgate spirit and support the PTA!

Contact us: 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have:   [email protected]


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